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In Flight Photo's
Atlantic City Skyline

Atlantic City Beach

Absecon Inlet

Absecon Inlet

Fishing boat leaving Absecon Inlet

Abandoned Steel Pier (remember American Bandstand filmed here?)

Absecon Inlet Lighthouse

Check out Daffy&Bugs at the WB

Nice shot of My Prop Guard, er I mean the Hilton

Lets go to the Trop

We were trying to spin the ferris wheel with our prop blast!

Convention Hall left, Ocean 1 mall right

Trump Worlds Fair Casino

Million Dollar Pier (looks like it cost more than that!)

Ocean 1 Mall (it is suppose to look like a big cruise ship, does it?)

Resorts Casino (first casino to open in Atlantic City)

Ballys,Claridge and Sands Casino's

Let's see....Should We do a touch and go on the beach?

Bored of Atlantic City Photo's? Here are some Pictures of some other places!

Our PPC trailer and tow vehicle and OH, by the way that's Meg

Another shot of the Trailer,er, I mean Meg. The trailer is custom designed to haul 2 PPC'S

A pic of our Home(below the arrow)

Our town, Mystic Island, New Jersey

Hey, I got a Wing Man today! Dave & Cathy over Somers Point N.J.

Dave & Cathy Flying along the river enroute to Mays Landing N.J.

This is Fun, Flying Low And Slow, Gotta a fishing rod?

Another flying Bud, Doug over Linwood, N.J.

Cathy & Dave Flying over a small lighthouse at Lake Lenape, Mays Landing,N.J.

Anyone got a Life Preserver? Rotax, Please don't Fail Me now!

That's all Folks, for Now! Stay tuned next month for Photo's from the South Jersey Air Circus Fly-in. I should have many in flight pic's of PPC'S. Enjoy and Safe Flying, Lou&Meg
PS the site will get better as I learn some tricks, I am new at this web Stuff! Any advice would be appreciated. And, Please Don't Forget to sign our Guestbook, Thanks!