Lou & Meg's Powered Parachute Page

Meg&Lou flying over the Atlantic City Beach

Hi,And welcome to Lou & Meg Cavaluzzi's PPC Page. Meg and I love flying together and taking photo's of places we fly our PPC. We thought it would be nice to share our aerial photo's with everyone, thus this page is born!
Powered Parachutes (PPC) are Ultralight Aircraft that use a Ram Air Parachute to provide lift for flight, rather than a rigid wing as in conventional aircraft. With a flight speed of about 28 MPH, and only 3 flight controls, just about anyone can master the glory of flight.
We hope you enjoy the site and we will update as we take more photo's.

Louie's Links

Click Here for more Data on PPC'S at Powerchutes.com

Click Here for info on the PPC Meg and I fly

Click Here for PPC'S for Sale

Click Here for Info on PPC Pilots

Click here for PPC Pilots in YOUR State

In Flight Photo's

Click Here for Lou & Megs Ham Radio Page

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